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Adding a new room to an existing home with our room addition contractors is one of the most impactful ways to upgrade the entire property.

By making the home larger than it is currently, you might be able to stay in the house instead of having to sell and upgrade to something bigger. Or, even if you aren’t thinking of moving out, an additional room could make space for a favorite hobby, spacious storage, or whatever else you can dream up.

Professional Room Addition Projects

Simply put, a room addition project is not something that should be left to an inexperienced team. These can be complicated jobs, and they need to be completed properly to ensure the safety of the home and the durability of the work. Don’t take a chance with a questionable contractor when a trustworthy and dependable option is available with Reliant Home Contractors. You’ll get value for your money and professional results when you trust us with this job.

A Family Room Addition Is A Popular Choice

While the type of room you choose to add to your property will ultimately come down to what you need and what space you have available to add on, creating a new family room is a popular pick. The family room is where many people spend much of their time, spending time together, watching TV, playing games, and relaxing. If your current home features a family room that is too small for your needs, or if there is no space that can be dedicated to being used as a family room, adding one will be a huge upgrade.

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How To Talk To Room Addition Renovators

Once you have decided that you want to add a new room to your home, you will need to start reaching out to contractors to get more information and figure out how this project will work. If you’ve never hired a room addition contractor for this kind of work, you might not be sure where to start or what to ask. Here are some good points to explore to get the ball rolling –

  • Find out what kind of timeline the contractor will be able to offer for the job and when they could get started
  • How much will the project cost? Even if you can’t get an exact estimate right at the start, a good contractor should be able to give you a range for the job
  • Ask about previous projects and see if the contractor can show you pictures of past work or connect you with previous clients that can offer a reference
  • While you are going to bring your own ideas to the table, ask the contractor if they have any thoughts about the project and what kind of design would work well for your needs.

Is a room addition worth it?

Yes, building a room addition is worth it. There’s an average 65% ROI with room additions. Also, having a room addition built will cost less money than a new house. A room addition is worth it because it’s your creation. Whatever you want, we’ll be there to build it. Unlike other contractors, we give you the power to influence the design every step of the way. 

Along with the design and style choice, you can make executive decisions about how space will be used. Say, for example, you need help storing items. You can delegate a section of your new room to storage. Building a room addition is like building a new house. You’ll get a space you can claim as your own, and it’ll be built just the way you want it. 

The ROI isn’t guaranteed. After all, we can’t predict the housing market, but we will give you an addition that’ll be worth it for you. We’ll build your dream room addition. Many customers have told us that our home additions made their homes feel new again, almost like they just moved in. Be one of our many satisfied customers in the Wake Forest area. We’re excited to work with you, so contact us for your new room addition!

Is it cheaper to buy a bigger house or add on?

Are you stuck between buying a house or building a home addition? The biggest difference between the two is the cost. It’s no secret that houses are expensive, so any house you find will likely cost more than a room addition. If you’re still unsure after looking over the cost and getting a quote to compare against the new home you’re interested in, consider the most popular room additions.

Kitchen additions can make a small kitchen into a behemoth that fits a dozen people. We’ll knock out walls, redo your cabinetry, replace the flooring, install an island, and more. If your entrance feels cramped, a mudroom addition may be your best option. Open-spaced mudrooms can change the feeling of a home, bringing in more light and space for storage. And if you’re one of the few people that have too much storage, then hire us to convert your attic into a sunroom or a new guest bedroom.

And there are even more additions to choose from, and the most popular ones have great ROI meaning your home will feel new, and you’ll have a great custom addition to your home. So, are you ready to build a room addition? Contact us today!

Hire The Best Room Addition Contractors Near You

Reliant Home Contractors is proud to serve Raleigh, Wake Forest, Durham, Cary, Youngsville, and surrounding communities. Bringing a room addition project to life might seem like a daunting task, but it starts with just a single phone call. Reach out to the team at Reliant Home Contractors today and we’ll be happy to discuss your ideas and offer our input.  We guarantee customer satisfaction and have experienced crew members assigned to every job. Call (919)-229-9370 or complete our online request form for your free, no-obligation consultation. We are excited to serve you!

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