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Benefits of a Second Story Addition for a Growing Family

At Reliant Home Contractors, we know that sometimes families grow well past the original crew. New babies are born, in-laws need elder care, or grown children return with families. There are many instances where additional square footage might be necessary, and as professional home addition contractors, we’re here to let you know you don’t have to move to gain more space.

Tips from a Home Addition Contractor: Add a Second Story

Raising the roof might seem a bit extreme, but there are many benefits to doubling your home’s living area without ever having to go through the hassle of moving. Besides, moving isn’t ideal if you’re fond of your neighborhood or your kids want to stay in their current school. So instead, revamp your present home, and you won’t have to leave behind a place you’ve grown to love.

Keep Your Yard

Adding a second story to your home will allow you to keep your yard too! Many homeowners overlook how much of their property they lose when building an addition to the first floor. A second story keeps your yard space available for future renovations like a pool or gazebo and keeps your home from inching closer to your neighbor’s. Not to mention, preserving the yard and doubling the home’s square footage will increase the value of your house when you want to sell it later.

Check the Foundation

A structural engineer can determine if the original foundation can accommodate the additional weight of a second story. In addition, renovation planning is a great time to consider other updates around the house. These updates could include a new duct system, windows, HVAC system, siding, or a fireplace. Adding an upstairs might also allow more room downstairs living area, which means this would be the time to knock down walls and expand the family room or create that large kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Overall, we’ve found that families who are happy with their homes and neighborhoods opt for this extensive remodel. Not only does it pay for itself when you sell, but you also get to stay where you and your family have built your life and lifestyle.

Reliant Home Contractors

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