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Garage Additions Contractor in Raleigh, NC

When it comes to adding value to your home, people often overlook a garage addition. Attached or Unattached, a garage addition will give you space for extra storage, protect your car from the elements, and increase your home’s value with a significant ROI.

But where should you start? It’s a big project, and you could lose money without the proper management of time and resources. You need a team that has years of professional experience remodeling and building home additions. You need to contact us, Reliant Home Contractors, for the premier garage addition contractors.

Is a garage addition worth it?

Maybe you’ve been told a garage addition has a great ROI, but you want proof. Well, nothing speaks better than numbers. New garage additions have an ROI of up to 64.8%, making them one of the best additions you could choose. 

On top of the financial gain, you’ll also have a garage where you can store your car from the elements. It’ll be a nice place to keep tools, do car maintenance, and more. Some people even use garages as mancaves or offices. The possibilities are endless.

Can you add to an existing garage?

Yes, you can add to an existing garage. An addition to a garage is called a garage bump-out. This addition is perfect for someone that already has a garage. A bump-out doesn’t have to be the size of a car. It can simply be a new area for storage. We’ll customize the garage bump-out to fit your needs.

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Is it better to have an attached or detached garage?

Which is better? It depends on your preferences. Let’s start with the detached garages. They are the easiest garages to make additions to, making them great for older homes. Being detached from the home, they decrease garage noises and offer privacy. It also reduces burglars’ points of entry into your home. The cons are that you have to walk to it, it takes up space in your yard, and the utilities will cost more.

Attached garages are great. Because they’re a part of your house, you won’t have to walk through the weather to access them. It will save yard space and make your home look bigger. Since we would be working with walls already there, construction could be quicker. The biggest con is that they are hard to build in a close neighborhood. 

Is it cheaper to add on a garage or build detached?

If the pros and cons of each didn’t help, maybe understanding the cost will. It is cheaper to build an attached garage than it is to build a detached garage. Detached garage buildings cost 10% to 15% more than attached garages. They’re more expensive because they require more work. With an attached garage, we’d work based on walls that are already there. For a detached garage, we’d have to pour a foundation, erect walls, and more.

Does this mean that attached garages are better? No. Detached or attached, the ROI will still be similar. So it still comes down to which one you want. Contact us to set up a consultation if you need more help!

Our custom garage addition contractors

There’s no better team than Reliant Home Contractors for garage additions. We understand that your home is a treasure, and we do our utmost to guarantee your satisfaction. We’ve served the greater Raleigh area for years providing world-class contractor services. While there are many contractors, none clearly outline the budget and building plans as thoroughly as we do. 

What to do next to if you’re looking for residential custom garage builders

If you’ve decided you’re interested in a garage addition, fill out the contact form, or call us at ​​(919)-229-9370. We’re eager to work with you, so reach out for a free quote or any questions you might have!

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