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Top 5 Best Home Addition Ideas for Your Home

House additions are an invaluable investment whether you have a small or large home. It expands the available in-home living and storage space. In addition, adding rooms with features desirable to home buyers increases the value of your home. Before you get started on such a project, take time and consult with a home addition contractor. Get as much information and advice about home additions from our expert contractors. Let’s look at some of these additions that you can make and increase the value of your home.

Tips from a Home Addition Contractor: Addition Ideas

Add a Second Story

Adding a second story is one of the most significant home additions a homeowner can make. Depending on the size of your home and the desired addition, your costs will vary considerably. The addition will generally add significant resale value to your home and square footage. The first thing you need to do is have a structural engineer evaluate your home and foundation to confirm they can handle the weight of the second-floor addition.

Put a Room Over the Garage

Adding an apartment or bonus room over the garage is an ideal way to add some square footage to your home without turning it into a mess. It’s also easier because the garage’s foundation is already in place. All you require is a roof and walls. The new room can be used as a guest room, a rental, or even a bonus room.

Modular Home Addition

A prefabricated room added to the house exterior is known as a modular home addition. These are popular home expansions used with single-story homes like ranch homes. These additions are cheaper than conventional home additions because they are manufactured off-site. Therefore, they save you the stress of living in an ongoing construction zone. 

Build a Dormer

A dormer expands the attic and provides much needed natural light into the interior. Dormers also add major curb appeal to your home by making it look larger. A DIY dormer increases your attic ceiling space.

Finish the Basement

A finished basement increases the livable square footage of your home. It also gives you extra space that can be used for a small apartment, an entertainment room, or a home theater. A finished basement can be a very reasonable investment both in terms of expense as well as ROI. Be sure to include a backyard walkout or emergency windows if adding a basement bedroom (local building codes often require this).

Reliant Home Contractors

These are just some home additions that help increase a home’s resale value and square footage. If you need assistance choosing the home addition that will increase your home’s value, get in touch with Reliant Home Contractors. We’re the home addition contractor that will recommend an addition that gets maximum value from your investment and stays within your budget. Contact or call us today at 919-229-9370.