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What Should You Include in a Kitchen Remodel?

If you plan to remodel your kitchen, you are probably looking for some great ideas. You can remodel your kitchen on a DIY basis or get help from kitchen remodeling services. In this post, we will review some ideas to remodel your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Services: What to Include

Drawers: The More, The Better

A helpful piece of advice when remodeling your kitchen is to insert as many drawers as possible. You can use your drawers to store pots, pans, food storage containers, dishes, kitchen appliances, utensils, etc. For example, try allocating a drawer close to your dishwasher to store your cutlery and silverware. Another kitchen remodeling idea is to use corner drawers. Instead of using regular drawers with awkward hinged doors and turntables, you can go with corner drawers as they are easy to use and allow you to store long items.

Paper Towel Storage

It is a lovely idea to allocate a specific spot for your paper towels. However, remember that paper towels should still be easily accessible because they are most needed when an accident needs quick attention.

Concealed Outlet and USB Charger

To have a clean, uncluttered look hide your charger and outlets within drawers. You can place your tablets and phones out of sight while being charged. Having your electronics nearby enables you to listen to music/podcasts or read the recipe of what you are cooking.

Open Kitchen Shelving

Open shelving adds interest to your wall because you no longer see a bunch of cabinet doors. If you choose wood shelves, you can add warm colors to your kitchen design. The best point here is that open shelving allows you to add some personality to the kitchen by including items such as art frames or handmade objects.

Some people avoid installing open shelving because of the dust issue. The solution is to store frequently used things on the open shelving. Also, some people don’t like open shelving as everything is on display, including less beautiful items.

Large Single Sinks

Many builders install divided kitchen sinks as a standard. However, single basin sinks have higher capacities. Therefore, the trend is to replace divided sinks with a single basin sink. Single basin sinks are big enough to place baking dishes and larger pots and pans for soaking and washing. Also, you can use them as a dog washing station to cleanse your puppy.

Kitchen Pantries

Having a walk-in pantry in the kitchen saves a lot of space. However, if there is not enough space for a walk-in pantry, try using a pull-out pantry instead. A pull-out pantry with several shelves can hold a ton of food easily accessible to you.

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