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What Are the Best Rooms in Your House for Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Choosing the right flooring for a home is a big decision, and there are essential factors to consider. Most people first turn towards hardwood; however, some rooms are prone to moisture, spills, and foot traffic that can warp and damage it. A great way to solve that issue is to install luxury vinyl tile. This type of material can take a beating without becoming distorted or discolored. So, what are the best rooms for luxury vinyl tile?

Top Rooms For for Luxury Vinyl Tile

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The kitchen is a precise match for luxury vinyl tile. Liquids, foods, and dishwater seem to be attracted to the floors in this room, and homeowners will want something that can take the punishment. A kitchen is also a room where a lot of plumbing is located. In the unfortunate case of a pipe leak, hardwood floors can’t handle all that water. However, luxury vinyl tile will remain intact and help homeowners sleep easily, knowing an expensive floor replacement is not in their future.


Basements are a haven for moisture and leaks. The last thing anyone would want to do is put hardwood floors or another vulnerable material down in a damp basement. A much better idea would be to use luxury vinyl tile. It will also be a great choice if people use their basements as personal gyms, as there are scratch-resistant options.


If there was ever a room that would benefit most from water-resistant flooring, it’s the bathroom. Water is constantly flowing, steaming, and splashing, and luxury vinyl tile is a great option to keep the floors flawless. However, if homeowners are worried about changing to vinyl floors and losing the room’s aesthetic, they shouldn’t be. Luxury vinyl tile has many great options, including tile that looks just like hardwood.


A home’s mudroom, or entryway, gets the most foot traffic of any other space in the house. This area is where people come in from the outside world and shake off their boots and clothes. As a result, homeowners will want something water-resistant and durable to handle the mess that inevitably accumulates.

Luxury vinyl tile is an excellent option for homeowners looking for aesthetically pleasing, durable flooring that costs a fraction of the price of hardwood. It can be used in the whole home but is ideal for rooms like the kitchen, basement, bathroom, and mudroom that see a lot of foot traffic, moisture, and water.

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